Kailuum from the Water

It's happened again! Unfortunately, KaiLuum took another direct hit from a hurricane on August 21st of this year. That makes for a pretty impressive hurricane direct hit list through Kailuums' history: Hurricane Gilbert on 9/14/1988 category 5, Hurricane Roxanne on 10/11/1995 category 3, Hurricane Emily on 7/18/2005 category 4, and Hurricane Wilma 10/21/2005 category 5. We weathered all of these storms valiantly. Sadly, Hurricane Dean, category 5, hit and destroyed the last remaining KaiLuum! We are checking but we doubt that any other establishment, town, or area has had this kind of treatment by Mother Nature in just under a 20-year period. KaiLuum will be missed for a time, but we hope it will be back sometime soon. Think positively KaiLuum!

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