Katie H. 4/2/05
I just got back from the best vacation I have ever had. Kailuum is truly like no other place I have been. It is truly removed from the hustle and bustle. With "nothing to do", you'd be surprised how quickly time goes. From long walks on the beach, swimming and snorkeling near a reef, reading in the sun, lounging in the hammock, or visiting LaFitte for a mid-day drink time passes before you know it. The place and the people make you feel so at home that you come away with a feeling of being a part of the place, as opposed to a tourist visiting a place. It's truly a unique and special experience that shouldn't be missed. !Muchos Gracias!

Katie Honerkamp

After our 8th visit to our favorite beach -- this time a dual trip, to KailuumCito and to Kailuum -- we thought we should chime in! We can only continue to say that you have accomplished what seems almost impossible in today's world -- a totally relaxing place. Immaculate, delicious food, comfortable and beautiful facilities, the warmest possible staff -- the oil lamps at night and the sun (or clouds) by day -- and always, the sound of the waves. "The library on the beach" -- perfect. Thank you for the hard work you put in to making this special place so special. We look forward to the new Kailuum -- down south! Had a marvelous time with the crew at KailuumCito, with Lilia and Clayton at the helm, and everything running completely smoothly and beautifully. You are magicians!

Love to you all -- Lois & Myric

I have to admit, going in, I had some doubts about spending a week in a tent with no electricity. Within the first half hour, I realized I was in paradise. The accomodations, the staff, the food, the people we met, the beach were all fabulous. View their GREAT Kailuum II web site!. (link will open in new window)

Michael Baum
Patrice Rhoades-Baum

We really enjoyed the serenity and privacy during our visit to Kailuum. We've been twice in 2000, and hope to visit again soon. The beach was awesome! The service during meals were fab. & the food was great!

Mike & Sandy

What a warm and gracious staff you have - thank you to all for making this such a memorable holiday. See you next year!

Hillary Fuller & Jan Bayley - Victoria BC

So wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty and peace and love while things are so insane back in the States. I love KaiLuum deeply and I will be back soon!! Thank you all so much for the T.L.C.

Jenny Taylor - Ann Arbor, MI

The most RELAXING vacation we have ever experienced. Thank you so much. We'll be back!

Dana & Paul Arell - Littleton CO

For too many years I have always lived by the motto "at the end of the day, have we produced more than we consumed?" Thank you for putting that rat race motto in proper perspective! While here I definitely consumed more than I produced & enjoyed every guilt free moment of that replenishment of my soul - gracias amigos.

Ray Malone - Long Island, NY

KaiLuum & the KaiLuum staff understand the true meaning of vacation. A place to rest the soul, a place where people talk to eachother rather than at each other. A human place of life. And, I really appreciated the full moon rise that was orchestrated on my last night here. Muchas gracias.

Diane Hebert - Santa Fe, NM

This has been the most relaxing, fun and altogether satisfying couple of days either of us can remember. What a fantastic surprise to find such a gorgeous welcoming, friendly place nestled in the palms! A true refuge. We appreciated so much the warm staff and interesting fellow guests. We'll be back!

Julie & Jonathan Davis - Washington DC

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